6 ideas to save the first memories of your baby

6 ideas to save the first memories of your baby

The birth of a son or a daughter is a unique occasion, that is why there are many fathers and mothers who like to keep memories of that special time.

6 ideas to save the first memories of your baby

When you are a mother or father (it does not matter if it is the first, the second, the third time …) there will always be special moments that you will want to remember from the first second. The reality is that babies grow very fast and time flies by, so saving the first memories of the baby will be an excellent idea to be able to return to them whenever you want.

If you are missing ideas to save the first memories of your baby, read on because below we will give you some that you can use as inspiration or do them if you think they are good options for you.

    Currently, there are many companies that focus on selling very beautiful books to capture the first pictures of your baby. Surely not fit in the phone memory of many you do, but you can select the ones you like and start filling your book of first memories.

We can keep your first changes or clothes, such as bootees or body We can keep your first changes or clothes, such as booties or body
If you do not want to buy it, you can create it yourself. You can choose a book with blank pages and put the photographs you consider appropriate to create your beautiful memories. You can also add texts to be able to describe the photographs and that in this way when you see them again in the future, you can remember even better.

    A great idea is to keep your first clothes and clothes. You can keep your first hat, your bootees, the clothes that you put him out of the hospital, his first shoes, his first body … That clothes will be small in just a few days and it’s a nice memory to have it stored so you can see it small that is always what you want.

The rest of the clothes you will surely be able to keep for future children that you have or to donate to other people who need them … But the first changes will always be a nice memory to have it saved.

    Many mothers when the umbilical cord falls to the baby do not know what to do with it. A great idea is to save it and write down on a piece of paper the data you think is relevant to the birth of your baby, such as weight, height … The day the umbilical cord fell off, etc.

You can keep your fingerprints marked with ink or in a clay mold. You can keep your fingerprints marked with ink or in a clay mold

  • A box with first memories

You can assemble a box with the first things that your baby used in the first year of his life and that you think it can be nice to keep them. It can be the first change, your first bottle, your first pacifier, your first bracelet, your first brush, your first shoes, your first blanket to sleep …

    Another great idea is to use your newborn footprints both hands and feet and make a nice picture with them. You can do it in dark color as if it were a shadow or use colors to make it more colorful. Add the name, your birth date, your birth weight … With beautiful and well-cared letters. Then frame this composition and put it in a visible place in your house, it will be a wonderful memory!

The creation of a blog that details all the milestones of the baby, as well as the most beautiful things you do every day can preserve your memory for you while keeping your friends and family updated on the progress of your baby. You can post photos and videos as long as you control your child’s privacy and leave messages for your child to read when he or she is older.

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