Greatest Toys for 4 Months Old Baby

Greatest Toys for 4 Months Old Baby

Best Toys For Newborn

Honestly, I don’t think newborns really need any toys at all. They are in fact marveled by the new world and toys act only as a distraction and not as stimulation. During this period, it is the best to just let them observe. At the maximum, buy just 1-2 rattles to distract them when they cry. If your baby starts teething then buy a teether or two. Ensure that the rattles are lightweight, as babies at this age wouldn’t have much control over their hand movements and might hit themselves with the rattle.

Rattle Toys

Rattle toys are lovely things to the babies and essential for children, as they can help significantly in various aspects of the development of the child.

Skills Development

A 4-month-old starts to make new sounds and move around.

• Coordination skills of the child also improve, if you play with rattle toys well. Place the toys in front of the baby, and make her reach for it. When she does hold it, gently shake it so that she understands that she caused the noise.

• With rattle toys, the motor skills of the baby improve greatly. You can place the rattle in the hand of the child, and shake it gently. Your baby is sure to follow through, delighted by the noises coming out of by shaking the toy.

Sensory development: Uses mouth and hands to explore toys, calms down when you rock him, reacts to sudden sounds or noises, and; begins to babble.

Cognitive development: Notices toys that make sounds, make sounds to express feelings and; smiles when happy and content.

Physical development: The baby rolls from back to tummy and tummy to back, reaches both hands to play with feetmake and grasps objects in hand

Crib mobiles: Babies enjoy brightly colored objects – especially if they also move or make music. A crib mobile can make life more interesting for your baby, but use one only if your baby is still not able to sit up on his own.

Other 4 month old baby developments

First teeth

Your baby can get their first teeth any time from three months to one year old, but they may start gnawing their fist and frantically rubbing their gums about now in preparation for the trials and tribulations to come. If they get red patches on their gums and are dribbling a lot you’ll know the first tooth (usually a bottom front one) is probably on its way.

Tips For Toy Shopping

How many toys does your child need? Not a room full. Not even a cupboard full. Kids actually just need about 10 toys or at the maximum say 20 – the toys have to be frequently rotated so that the child doesn’t get bored.

Fewer toys are good because it challenges the child to use her imagination, maintain focus, become resourceful and organized and above all it makes them appreciate and value what they have.

So, if you really think your baby needs that toy, then go ahead, but take an old one from her huge collection and give it away to an underprivileged kid who can’t afford it.

NEVER EVER buy a toy that works on a button battery. You can never keep an eye over your baby for every second of her life. If a child swallows a button battery and god forbid, the parent doesn’t know about it, it will end up being fatal to the baby.

The battery corrodes, eats into the child’s stomach and internal organs causing internal bleeding and finally death. So, don’t think about keeping the toy and throwing away the button battery.

What if someone else at your home without knowing about the dangers of button battery put in one and you do not know about it? So, just throw away all such toys.

If your child mouths everything, then buy wooden toys painted with children friendly dyes or at least BPA free toys from reputed manufacturers. They are definitely pricier, but a lot safer too.

Always consider whether the toy is age-appropriate. The manufacture guidelines will give you a fairly good idea whether it is appropriate for your child, More than often, the best toys for your child may not be from a toy store, but rather from your kitchen

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