How can We overcome Story of a Child’s Cough

How can We overcome Story of a Child’s Cough

Let’s know about your child’s cough

It is extremely difficult for modern parents to take on faith the fact that fresh, clean and moist air can be no less effective in treating cough in children

When your child starts coughing
Cough: Reflective defensive reaction trying to exclude foreign bodies
Cough is a typical symptom of a child’s illness, as well as fever. Originally cough is cough when human beings reflexively try to exclude foreign objects such as viruses and dust of colds that have invaded from the outside somewhere in the airway leading to the lungs from the mouth (the way of air) It is a defensive reaction.

However, behind the cough, various causes of diseases are hiding behind.
What about this “says” civilized medicine? And how to behave to parents if the child coughs not the first day in a row? 1 2 3 4 5 It turns out that a diverse pharmacy “menu” against children’s cough has an alternative – simple but effective “every day” methods of dealing with a cough. Which will require parents a minimum cost, but maximum prudence?

All children cough from time to time. As a rule, because they get sick, but sometimes because they breathe in the “wrong” air. It is important for parents to understand that coughing a child by itself is not an independent ailment, it is not a disease. Coughing is always one of the symptoms of a certain disease, which either has a negative effect on the respiratory tract or simply irritates them. Therefore, it is rather pointless to treat precisely the cough (and only him) in a child

Knowing the duration of your cough’s cough and how the cough is going on will be an important clue to find the illness behind it.
Image of dry cough, moist cough A diagram of categorization of cough seen from the period of continuing cough

Various diseases that cause cough
Common diseases caused by children’s cough include respiratory infections caused by viruses and bacterial infections, bronchial asthma, etc. Generally, it is said that if the duration of coughing is relatively short, there is a high possibility of causing acute infection.
Since it is often confusing for sudden childhood illness, from here we will talk about acute respiratory infection with cough.

Infectious diseases of the respiratory system with cough
When the winter is over and the season of the cold is disappointing, the waiting room for pediatric outpatient is full of children who are suffering from heat and coughing.

Child infectious diseases accompanied by cough are caused by the age of the child (neonatal period less than 28 days old, infant period until birth up to 1 year of age, early childhood from full age to pre-admission period, school childhood of elementary school or higher) It differs little by little. I will briefly introduce representative infectious diseases of children whose main symptoms are cough and fever.

But that in the next article
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