Nappy Accessories

How can I help prevent nappy rash?
prevention is best
change baby’s wet or soiled nappy as soon as possible (5 to 7 times a day for babies under 12 months of age)
use a warm wet cloth for washing your baby’s bottom – some baby wipes and soap can cause dry skin or make the rash worse
apply a barrier cream (such as zinc cream) thickly at each nappy change – this will prevent moisture and irritants from reaching the skin
give your baby as much ‘nappy free’ time as possible each day
a good quality disposable nappy will allow moisture to be absorbed quickly
wash then rinse cloth nappies twice to remove soap residue – avoid strong washing powders
baby wipes are not recommended as they can cause skin irritations – if you need to use baby wipes choose brands with minimal or no fragrance and for sensitive skin
avoid using plastic pants
avoid talcum powder

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